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Tyler Perry – The transforming power of unlikely success

By: Hanan   This is a story of a Maker, writer, producer, executive, and on-screen character that was named the most generously compensated man in stimulation by Forbes magazine in 2011. To bring your career...


Trump Winery seeks more foreign workers, but many local vineyards also depend on them

By:   As President Donald Trump continues to advocate “buy American and hire American,” his son’s Albemarle County winery has again applied to hire foreign workers. Trump Vineyard Estates, better known as Trump Winery,...


How Trump’s deportation plan threatens America’s food and wine supply

Justine Vanden Heuvel, Cornell University and Mary Jo Dudley, Cornell University Mass deportations of up to three million undocumented immigrants are expected to begin in January, when President-elect Donald Trump takes the oath of...


FBI joins investigation into Sikh man’s shooting

Activists wants Trump administration to make hate crime a priority after Rai was shot and wounded near Seattle. The FBI is helping police in the US city of Seattle hunt for the attacker who...


Ellen Degeneres Presented this Graduating high School class of 41 Students with free College Scholarships

February 24, 2017 McKinley Corbley Posted with permission from Good News Network Republish Reprint   In a chart-topping gesture of kindness and generosity, beloved talk show host Ellen Degeneres presented this graduating high school...


Stomach and mood disorders: how your gut may be playing with your mind

For years, we’ve known that brain activity can affect our gut. amanda tipton/Flickr, CC BY Nicholas Talley, University of Newcastle If you’ve eaten a fabulous meal recently, the experience was pleasant, comfortable and pain-free... 0

Feeling down: when does a mood become a disorder?

Clinical depression is distinguished severity, duration, persistence, and recurrence. darcyadelaide/flickr Gordon Parker, UNSW and Amelia Paterson, UNSW We’ve all felt sad, anxious or down at one time or another, but where does the normal...


‘Tsunami’ Of Alzheimer’s Cases Among Latinos Raises Concerns Over Costs, Caregiving

  By Ana B. Ibarra and Heidi de Marco   SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Florence Marquez liked to describe herself as a cannery worker, even though she was best known in her heavily Latino East...


Could your Fitbit data be used to deny you health insurance?

Andrew Boyd, University of Illinois at Chicago   Wearing a fitness tracking device could earn you cash from your health insurance company. At first, this sounds lucrative for the people who participate, and good...


Four ways to stay mentally fit if you’re struggling with the political climate

Roxanne Donovan, Kennesaw State University “This can’t be happening.” “I feel like throwing up.” “I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning.” “Life is going to get a lot worse for...

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